You provide the linkbait, I provide the shame

I enjoy pranking people on April Fools’ Day and decided I wanted to do something a little different this year. Simply Rickrolling people no longer had the same thrill it used to… and let’s be honest, you only catch the chumps with that kind of gag, anyway.

So I came up with this URL, and the idea of a site that directly chided users for clicking on a tasteless or inappropriate link. With just a few tweaks, I was able to set things up so that anyone who wanted to participate in April Fools’ Day could do so… with this site doing most of the work for them.

The gag is designed with Facebook in mind, but it works just as well via Twitter, your blog… pretty much anywhere you can post a link and some text.

On Facebook, copy the shortened URL and share it as a link. You’ll see a series of 15 thumbnails that were faked to look like still frames from a video. Simply plug in a custom title and description, and you’re on your way to shaming your family and friends.

FYI: the more tasteless, vulgar or over-the-top you make your title and description, the better this works.

Essentially, this site just dishes up the same punchline, over and over. Like any good joke, the real work is done in the setup – so it’s all about your creativity, and how tantilizing gross you can make your links.

A note on the images: all the thumbnails were made from CC-licensed Flickr photos. Specifically, the ones I used were:

Cleavage: Ðariusz
Thongs: Foto Iervolino
Passed Out Hallway: sanberdoo
Doctor with Syringe: United Nations Photo
Tarantula: mtsofan
Scared Kitten: mathewingram
Clown with Gun: vorpaldinger
Scared Python: teachingsagittarian
Public Toilet: Arty Smokes (deaf mute)
Captain Party: antirobot
Strong Pole Dancer: nep
Kid with Shotgun: Andrew
Young Smoker: Wanderungen
Bandsaw: mightyohm
Scary Easter Bunny: izatrini_com

I had a lot of fun making this site (and trying to keep a straight face, during the video shoots). I hope you got a chuckle out of things, at least. I’d love to hear any feedback from visitors, good or bad. In particular, if you’ve got any criticism or complaints… feel free to send them my way.

Felix Jung lives in Chicago with his wife Liz, and two rabbits named Baxter and Professor Snugglesworth. He works at Emmis Interactive with a bunch of people that he loves. He builds silly crap like this for fun, in his spare time.

He runs, a personal blog he’s been updating every day since June, 2002.